Frank Vogan
Vice President


OSHA 30 Certification

Frank Vogan’s 30-year-plus career encompasses significant project management experience in the petrochemical, food, automotive and building products industries. His extensive skills are both broad and deep, ranging from those of a journeyman tradesman to field construction supervisor and corporate executive. In every capacity, he is committed to effective leadership and communication, jobsite safety, cost control and performance objectives to deliver a successful project.

Highlights of Frank’s experience and expertise include:

  • Developing and managing construction safety projects, at the corporate level as well as project and jobsite field management.
  • Organizing and managing large project teams that typically include in-house staff, engineers and subcontractors to complete equipment installation, construction and automation and controls.
  • Managing commissioning and operator training for complex projects.
  • Working closely with customers to understand a wide range of manufacturing issues in order to develop conceptual solutions, then transforming those conceptual solutions into a scope, estimate and schedule.

AIG leverages Frank’s technical and construction experience to manage projects consistent with a defined corporate strategy as well as getting into the nuts and bolts of hands-on performance and problem-solving.