Paul Berg, PE
Engineering Manager


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Kansas State University

Master’s in Mechanical Engineering
Kansas State University

With his wide range of mechanical engineering experiences and focus on machine design and automation, Paul Berg, PE, adds a unique dimension to the design process at AIG. In addition to project engineering for customers’ specific manufacturing and packaging systems, often with an automation component, Paul supports internal engineering process improvement and manages internal shop resources. He coordinates project design activities with AIG employees, vendors and customers, and monitors fabricator compliance with drawings and specs.

Paul has worked in an interesting mix of industries: food processing, solar power, satellites, semiconductors and copper engraving.

Paul started his career in machine design, engineering special conveyors, pick-and-place place units, slitters, laminators, and other custom-made converting equipment. Highlights from his career include:

  • Working for an engineering firm provided a variety of challenges in different industries: large-scale solar power, and crash seats for the US Department of Defense.
  • In the aerospace industry, he designed and tested many ground support structures for different satellites, including serving as project lead for the development of a large solar array and developing jigs to build the body of the spacecraft.
  • Working in the semiconductor industry during its boom offered projects including integrated circuit testing interfaces, wafer polishing machines, and inspection equipment.

While in graduate school Paul did his research in aerodynamics at the US Air Force Academy. Working as an independent contractor in product development allowed him to explore the country. In 2018, Paul and his wife decided came back home to Kansas City. Paul has his private pilot’s license.