Scott Parker
Lead Designer


Technical Drafting Diploma
NEKA Vocational Technical School
Atchison, KS

AutoCAD and Inventor 2019

AIG leverages Scott Parker’s skills as an integral member of the company’s engineering team. In turn, customers benefit from his 30 years of experience in a variety of roles, including drafter, IT manager, designer, CAD manager, project manager, estimator and purchaser along with field assignments. In addition to his advanced technical skills, including 3D modelling, he brings both practical and creative thinking to the mechanical engineering drafting process. He produces designs that are smart and that work.

Scott’s experience includes:

  • Industrial and manufacturing facility design, including structural steel and concrete, and overall plant layout and design.
  • Material handling system design, including a wide range of conveyors, including bulk material handling applications, packaging, pneumatic and automotive assembly lines.
  • Fabrication drawing and detailed bill of materials for constructability.
  • Flow drawings, piping and plumbing for industrial environments.
  • Dust collection systems, such as filters, fans, pneumatic systems, blowers.
  • Pressure vessels, tanks, stairs and sound enclosures.

In addition to advanced AutoCAD skills, he has written software for AutoCAD Inventor that automates the production of drawings, bill of materials, and purchaser documents.