Sergey A. Vaysfligel, PE
Director of Engineering


Five-year Degree (equivalent to Master of Science) in Mechanical Engineering
National Transportation University, Kharkov, Ukraine

Sergey Vaysfligel, PE, brings AIG and our customers rich experience as a mechanical engineer and manager of engineering and commissioning teams. His exposure to a wide variety of mechanical system design challenges gives him a broad foundation for the complexities and requirements of manufacturing systems.

His particular areas of expertise include:

  • Material handling and storage systems
  • Full scope of industrial conveyor design, including automation
  • Machine design, including mobile machinery
  • Design of barge dredging systems
  • Hydraulic systems

Sergey has worked in a variety of industries, including conveyor idlers and mechanical and hydraulic-assisted components; heavy recycling, dredging, lifting, dust collection and precision equipment and tooling; laboratory equipment; dust collection equipment; food production; and building materials. His recent projects for AIG include design for a new solar salt facility in Mexico.

Along with his technical expertise, he has managed corporate engineering teams, mentored other engineers and designers, supported troubleshooting efforts in the field and worked closely with customers to develop conceptual designs. In addition to his experience in a wide range of industries and applications, Sergey holds multiple patents and has received numerous professional awards and honors.

He works in the following design software applications: AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor and PT-Modeler/Pro-E Finite analysis applications, including Algor, Images and TK-Solver.