Chicken Fat Clean-in-Place System for Pet Food Plant

AIG Detailed Design, Food Ingredients, Project Management

Customer: Private | Midwest facility Installed Cost: approx $1.5 million AIG designed and delivered a new fully programmable clean-in-place (CIP) system and layout.  The AIG team developed drawings and worked with all vendors to procure, design, install and test all components of the chicken fat system.  AIG also provided supervision to the labor to build out the new space and install the …

Limestone Fines Classification

AIG Detailed Design, Mining and Minerals, Project Management

Mississippi Lime Company | Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Installed cost – $800,000 The owner selected the equipment for an air classification system designed to separate 5-micron limestone dust particles from the mine run “raw material stream.” Project required designing a system that integrated all new and existing equipment in an existing fully operational area of the plant. The solution utilized existing …

Baghouse Design and Structure

AIG Detailed Design

Coal-Fired Boiler Dust Collection Control | Goldfield, Iowa AIG designed a dust collection environmental control system for flue gas from a coal-fired boiler. The project included structural supports, stiffened plates and ductwork for the 350,000-cfm capacity baghouse. AIG worked on site for entire erection and provided field engineering for detail design requirements.

Raw Material Storage System

AIG Detailed Design, Mining and Minerals

Cement Plant | Midwest When this cement manufacturer needed improvements to its existing raw material storage area. American Industrial Group not only designed a system to meet the storage requirements, they improved the convenience and safety for truck drivers during dumping operations.