Automated Manufacturing Storage & Retrieval System

AIG Automation, Installation, Project Management

Customer: John Deere | Midwest Installed cost: $1.5 million This agricultural implement manufacturer needed to upgrade its 20-plus-year-old manual parts storage and retrieval system. The upgrade fully automated the system to allow plant to store, sort and retrieve equipment parts on demand via a plant management control system. Installation occurred around the clock to minimize the impact on the plant …

Chicken Fat Clean-in-Place System for Pet Food Plant

AIG Detailed Design, Food Ingredients, Project Management

Customer: Private | Midwest facility Installed Cost: approx $1.5 million AIG designed and delivered a new fully programmable clean-in-place (CIP) system and layout.  The AIG team developed drawings and worked with all vendors to procure, design, install and test all components of the chicken fat system.  AIG also provided supervision to the labor to build out the new space and install the …

Rice County (Kansas) Law Enforcement Center

AIG Automation, Non-Industrial, Project Management

Law Enforcement Center & County Jail / Rice County, Kansas Lyons, Kansas Installed cost: $4.5 million This 72-inmate prison provides a range of detention levels, from work-release programs to maximum security pods.  The construction manager broke into multiple packages, which eliminated the general contractor markup and allowed design changes to occur without losing market pricing or sacrificing schedule.  The project …

New Salt Processing Facility

AIG Mining and Minerals, Project Management, Specialty Chemicals

DuPont Chemical / North American Salt Company | New Johnsonville, Tennessee Installed cost – $8.5 million The plant receives dried salt from DuPont and processes it for final shipment. Project included a bulk truck and rail loading area, warehouse for shipments of palletized product by truck and rail, bulk storage silos, food-grade bagging line, office and lab. This processing facility, …

Finish Silo Dust Collection System

AIG Building Materials, Mining and Minerals, Project Management

Lafarge Cement, now Central Plains Cement Co. | Sugar Creek, Missouri American Industrial Group designed and installed dust collection systems for two sets of finished cement silos. Meeting the customer’s budget and specific schedule was critical to the success of this project. The project included demolition of the old system and installation of two new collectors with connecting ducts.

Salt Mine Head Frame

AIG Mining and Minerals, Project Management

Independent Salt Co. | Kanopolis, Kansas When the decades-old wooden head frame structure was nearing the stage of a catastrophic failure, Independent Salt contracted with AIG to replace it with a new steel structure. The head frame supports the large sheave wheels (pulleys) that haul up skips loaded with salt from the bottom of the mine. The steel structure was …

Limestone Fines Classification

AIG Detailed Design, Mining and Minerals, Project Management

Mississippi Lime Company | Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Installed cost – $800,000 The owner selected the equipment for an air classification system designed to separate 5-micron limestone dust particles from the mine run “raw material stream.” Project required designing a system that integrated all new and existing equipment in an existing fully operational area of the plant. The solution utilized existing …

Salt Plant Consolidation

AIG Mining and Minerals, Project Management

IMC Global | Lyons, Kansas Installed cost – $8.6 million The customer closed one plant and moved part of the processing equipment to an existing facility. New features included a warehouse with truck loading docks, a packaging room, a 125-foot tall mill building with bins and equipment, and a new office and lab. Structural steel for the mill building and …

Refrigerated Meat Processing

admin Food Ingredients, Project Management

Safeway, Inc. | Emporia, Kansas Installed Value – $3.15 million The facility is a 6500SF, 30-ft high, refrigerated building with meat processing equipment and a laboratory. Meat is received in totes and dumped into a pumping system tied into the existing dry pet-food extruders in another building. AIG ensured that the meat-processing facility met USDA specifications and integrated a clean-in-place system.